Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Making the Rounds, Bombs.

[Clearly Yellow]
"Ponchito" available in Seattle at Singles Going Steady, Sonic Boom, Everyday Music (prob others, soon). This neat ad going in Razorcake fanzine #83.

[Deep Red, approaching Black] 
And here's a short penned this morning:

They were awoken this morning by their suspect device's alarm clock. The lulling whirr of soft rain on earth and structures felled them back into the midst of a storm southeast corner Venice-Crenshaw where wind carried voices, familiar and unknown, offering warnings and concern for well-being, and despair and anxiety for circumstances general. The palm trees were Blues Jr. projecting voices from mothers, your bald-headed granny and others...a sort of "loud hum on my amplifier that wrings my head out like a filthy washcloth." Reminiscent of womb-days where solace from place of gestation, birth, comminguses with foreboding of never knowing what is coming-of-age, but arbitrary manufacture of mind. At the crawlspace of the mind.