Thursday, April 11, 2013

¡Oye ese pito!

¿SerĂ¡ que vuelve big crux? ¿El clavo y la cruz? Some coals are still smoldering:
  • Split 7" with Criminal Code on Bedside Records (exclusive track: "R13")
  • "Welcome to 2013" comp LP on Not Normal Tapes (exclusive track: "Anvil of Stars")
  • 14-song LP nearly done, hopeful late-summer release
  • More Than Music Fest @ Gilman, June 26-28 (other possible Cali shows)
  • And "Bob Odenkirk of punk cultivating young talent, blazing trails" (resounding endorsement)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gestational. Dye. Beaters.

Gadzooks! Rad toques??? Even in this burst of Spring, NW heads still need some cover. Enough, already.

Saturday, 6/23/12 at The Funhouse in Seattle: opening for Unnatural Helpers and K-Holes (NYC). Let's have a GOOD time.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Deserters vs Wavers

Scorching outta the Southwest, the state of things being what it is...Lenguas Largas are living like men should live. We join them along with Criminal Code, on high alert for backward cap overages in the U-District on Saturday, October 1st at Galway Arms. Bring your love for punk and potatoes.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Selfish Dictator Dreams

Free show this Sunday in Seattle at B-Side Music. Come on down. All Ages. 8pm. Playing with our good friends Dreamdecay, Same Sex Dictator and Self Com.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Mission Accompliced

Well...we did it--Criminal Code and Big Crux got a ball-tingler of a tour outta the "Big Weekend." Friends of both bands were super helpful. Thank you very goddamn much. Hosts were generous and kind.  Venues and the peeps who played and watched the shows were dope.  We traveled safe and sound, without a hitch.

Specific thanks are owed to many and it may take multiple posts to be comprehensive. For now let's just know who you are. But a special show of gratitude was earned by Criminal Code for being mystifyingly cool travel mates and also to White Wards for making it all possible by letting us rent their ghostly van. Andrew's mind will be forever haunted.

Here's a taste of how brilliant Criminal Code were on this tour--and this is their first gig of the jaunt!:

We wrapped things up in PDX and here's what a big chunk of that looked like:

If pressed for high points, would have to say:

1. "Rocknroll lifestyle...1, 2, 3, 4...stay parents allowed forever." (Making Love @ Phantom City Records - Olympia, WA 8/31/11)

2.  Chickens wear boots and you gotta believe Taiga. (Jawsh's house - Reno, NV 9/1/11)

3. What came out of singer of Elephant Rifle's mouth about his butt. (Lincoln Lounge - Reno, NV 9/1/11)

4. Our faces are Permanently Ruined. (The Church - Oakland, CA 9/2/11)

5. Shangri-La, without The Kinks. (House of the Dead Rat - San Jose, CA 9/3/11)

6. "Does it smell bad in there?" (Matt Average in some doorway on Pine Street - San Francisco, CA 9/3/11)

7. Sinking D's battleship! (Cemetery Gates Cafe - Portland, OR 9/4/11)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Yeah...uh...moshi moshi to you, too...

Big Crux and Criminal Code are "set to pop" for the Big Weekend...

...also these forays into local spots (pre and post Big Weekend), supporting friends from all around...supernumerary as some of these 21+ dates may be (sorry kiddies):

8/17 - The Funhouse w/ The Arrivals (Chicago), Underground RR to Candyland (San Pedro), Demerit (Beijing) and The Unemployables

8/20 - The Josephine w/ The Men (NYC), Milk Music (Oly) and Cold Lake

10/02 - The Comet (matinee show) w/ Lenguas Largas (Tucson)

10/14 - Rendezvous Theater w/ Police Teeth, Victory and Associates (Oakland/SF)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Cool Reviews!

Wow!  We're happy to share these very nice words people [we don't personally know] have said about our 7" EP and band....from two top punk music connoisseurs, Razorcake fanzine out of Los Angeles and Maximum Rock N Roll out of San Francisco...much obliged!  Peep:

By Daryl GussinSunday, May 29 2011 (7" of the month)
Razorcake fanzine
     From the most blasting, blurring hardcore to the eeriest, most mechanical dirge from down under, Iron Lung Records has been steadily releasing records packed with intent and a daunting execution. Both aesthetically engaging and musically intriguing, their records really make you feel like they’re part of a larger message.
     One of their newest releases is from Seattle’s Big Crux. The songs seem to bounce around with vibrant enthusiasm, taking cues from punk rock’s finest and most forward thinkers. If this debut EP is just the first taste, it’s pretty obvious that Big Crux are not in it to lose.

Big Funk: 7”
Razorcake Fanzine
Give me half an hour and I wouldn’t be anywhere close to telling you how fantastic the Big Boys were. Big Crux hold the Big Boys in the same high esteem. Funk punk is such a double diamond-dangerous slippery slope into a world where people wear Cat in the Hat hats and wiggle glow sticks above their heads. Big Crux have got the chops and the heart to make me fondly remember the Big Boys, much like Giant Haystacks did for the Minutemen. Not a rip. Not a photocopy. An homage, a new take, and songs that stand on their own if you’ve never hear of the Big Boys. Tim Kerr did the fantastic cover art. –Todd Taylor

 BIG CRUX - "Big Crux is a Big Funk" EP (August Maximum Rock n' Roll fanzine #339)
A total winner!  The three tracks on this EP have MINUTEMEN and BIG BOYS influence seeping out here and there, but the inspiration derived from those bands only serves as a backdrop to an otherwise unique sound.  Listening to this record conjures up an image of a few musicians who totally appreciate old R&B and rock'n'roll and original punk just jamming together for hours in a musty basement.  The songs are minimalistic but clean, and the killer funk bass lines are prominent but not too funky or obnoxious slap bass shit.  The lyrics, occasionally in Spanish but mostly in English, are meaningful but not obvious.  The guitar licks are fantastic, and they work so well because of the solid drum fills and beats holding it all together.  My hands are getting tired from flipping this thing over and over again.  Top ten for sure.  (Bob Goldie)